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Watch the BT-X in action!

BT-X Specs
Base Price $4795+
Frame Material Aluminum
Chair Weight 14 lbs
Frame Finish Anodized
Caster Forks Frog Legs Ultra-Sport
Upholstery Laminated Carbon Fiber
Seating Tension Adjustable Nylon
Back Tension Adjustable Nylon
Rear Wheels Spinergy LX/SLX Sport
Rear Tires Primo Racer, Silver Buller,
Handrims Hard Anodized
Footrest Open Loop Tube
Seat Width 14" - 18"
Seat Depth 14" - 18"
Front Seat Height 16" - 21"
Rear Seat Height 15" - 20"
Back Rest Height 5" - 20"
Back Rest Angle 80°-100°
Wheel Camber 2° standard
Warranty Lifetime Limited
(frame only)
* See order form for full component options.

BT-X Wheelchair

The BT-X model was specially designed for our most active users and features interchangeable wheel sets. In everyday mode, the BT-X runs Spinergy LX wheels with high performance rear tires and Frog Legs forks with soft roll casters on the front. In multi-terrain mode, the BT-X runs Spinergy SLX wheels with Schwalbe Nobby Nic tires in the rear and Frog Legs forks with 6" x 1.5" soft roll casters rotated forward on the frame. In beach mode the BT-X runs custom built 4" wheels with beach tires in the rear and 9" x 5" balloon tires rotated forward for extra stability and flotation on sand.

Since the BT-X is designed to use different tire and caster combinations there are no issues changing between wheel sets. Switching your chair from one mode to another can be done at home or on the road in a hotel room, car, beachfront or anywhere that is convenient. The seat angle or 'dump' is designed to be the same with every wheel set. However, the overall seat height raises an inch in the front and rear of the chair in beach mode and multi-terrain mode to allow more clearance over objects.

Switching from an everyday chair to a beach chair or a multi-terrain chair only takes five minutes and no tools. Simply remove the push button quick release rear wheels and replace them with the beach wheels or multi-terrain wheels which are pre-set at the Lasher Sport shop to have adequate clearance between the tires and seat. Then, remove the front caster assembly using the quick release flip-lock levers and replace with the beach wheel caster assembly or multi-use caster assembly. That's it!

Traveling is easy with an extra set of interchangeable wheels, but it's even easier when you're towing a Lasher Sport X-Trailer to haul your extra wheels, backpack or even luggage. The X-Trailer is designed to fit a standard airline carry-on bag that can be taken through TSA security and stored under the plane at the loading gate. Whether you're off-road or airborne, hauling gear has never been more simple and convenient.

BT-X Model Comparison Chart

The Lasher Sport BT-X: never before has one chair offered so much versatility and useability.

  • Standard Features:

  • Aluminum tube frame
  • Tension adjustable seating
  • Tension adjustable backrest
  • Frog Legs Ultra Sport forks
  • Spinergy LX/SLX Sport wheels
  • Anodized frame colors
  • Lifetime limited warranty (frame only)
  • Optional Features:

  • Caster & wheel upgrades
  • Customized footrest
  • Handrim upgrade
  • Side guards
  • Push handles
  • Cushion upgrade
  • Calf Strap
  • Frame Bumper