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Returns, Exchanges, and Refund Policy

Lasher sport creates custom made wheelchairs and handcycles for each user based on the specifications submitted by each user and/or ordering entity. We do not stock off the shelf wheelchairs or handcycles. As such, every wheelchair and handcycle we make is for the specific user who places the order.

Returns / Exchanges

We have made the wheelchair or handcycle specifically for you to your specifications. We do not accept returns or exchanges of custom made wheelchairs or handcycles. If Lasher Sport has made an error in producing your wheelchair or handcycle, Lasher Sport will work with the user to rectify the problem by either replacing or exchanging the incorrect item. Lasher Sport is not responsible for errors in measuring or measurements submitted by the user.


An order is not confirmed until partial or full pre-payment is made to Lasher Sport. At that time Lasher Sport will begin the process of building your wheelchair or handcycle for you. Do not make a deposit if you are not 100% certain that you want to order the wheelchair or handcycle. Once the wheelchair or handcycle has been ordered Lasher Sport offers only very limited refunds following the below guidelines--
1- Within 14 calendar days of order and fabrication of wheelchair or handcycle has not begun- Full refund minus a 10% administrative fee.
2- After initial 14 days of order and wheelchair or handcycle fabrication has not begun- Full refund minus a 25% administrative fee.
3- After fabrication of wheelchair or handcycle has already started regardless of when order was placed- No refunds allowed.